Pierwsza lista stron folkowych.

Listinus Toplisten


          Cactus Pickers "Hola, Tornado!"
          Cadenza "Attic Notes"
          Caelum Bliss "1993-1999"
          Caera "Through Misty Air"
          Caf├ę Orchestra "The Pure Drop"
          Caim "Creator of the Tides"
          Caim "Sung prayers in the Celtic tradition"
          Cajole "Un-Reel"
          Caladh Nua "Next Stop"
          Calan "Jonah"
          Caledonix "Fields o Storied Fame"
          Caliban "Caliban"
          Calicanto "Isole senza mar"
          Caliorne "Rock Noz Band"
          Calley McGrane & The Exiles "... on the Run"
          Calley McGrane and the Exiles "No Turning Back"
          Camel "Harbour of Tears"
          Camelot "Oczekiwanie"
          Camillus "An Irish Concerto"
          Canoe "Daleko od domu..."
          Canterach "Canterach"
          Capercaillie "Choice Language"
          Capercaillie "Crosswinds"
          Capercaillie "Delirium"
          Capercaillie "Grace and Pride"
          Capercaillie "Sidewaulk"
          Captain Jack`s Army "Royal Arms"
          Captain Swing "...and other likely stories!!!!"
          Carbon Leaf "Echo Echo"
          Carl Peterson "Branches of the Green Oak Tree"
          Carl Peterson "I Love Scottish & Irish Sea Songs"
          Carl Peterson "Scotland The Brave"
          Carl Peterson "Scottish Love Songs"
          Carl Peterson "Songs of Rob Roy and the MacGregors"
          Carl Peterson "The Auld Scotch Sangs"
          Carl Peterson "The Flowers of Scotland"
          Carl Peterson "There Was A Lad"
          Carl Peterson with Gordon Lee "Celtic Crossover"
          Carlos Beceiro "Lyra Mendicorum"
          Carmina "My Crescent City"
          Carol Ponder & John Knowles "Going Across the Mountain"
          Carpenter's Son "Warrior of the Cross"
          Carrantuohill "Between"
          Carrantuohill "Inis"
          Carrantuohill "Irish Ferment"
          Carrantuohill "Irish Jazz"
          Carrantuohill "Na ┼╝ywca"
          Caruso "The Watcher & the Comet"
          Catherine Howe "Princelet Street"
          Cathy Jordan "All the Way Home"
          C├ęide "Like a Wild Thing"
          Ceann "Almost Irish"
          Cechomor "─îechomor"
          Ceili Family "Tooraloo"
          Ceili Rain "Say Kay-Lee"
          Ceilidh Minogue "Ceilidh Minogue"
          Celtae "No Regrets"
          Celtas Cortos "Vamos!"
          Celtic Cross "Folk de Future"
          Celtic Cross "Oryginal Material"
          Celtic Hangover "Drink Up"
          Celtic Hangover "Run Away"
          Celtic Legend "Tristan and Isolde"
          Celtic Soul "Wee Blue Man"
          Celtic Sounds "Rare Auld Times"
          Celtic Thunder "Mythology"
          Celtic Warriors "Celtic Warriors"
          Celtus "What Goes Around"
          Cenk "Canari Esquimau de Nonante Kilos"
          Chalf Hassan "Moroccan Bellydance"
          Changes "Fire of Life"
          Charlie McGettigan "In your old room"
          Charmer "The Perfect Cafe"
          Ch├│r Wuj├│w "┼╗eglarska pie┼Ť┼ä"
          Cheng Yu "Chinese Masterpiece on Pipa and Qin"
          Chieftains "An Irish Evening"
          Chieftains "Further Down the Old Plank Road"
          Chieftains "Tears of Stone"
          Chieftains "The Wide World Over"
          Chris Michell "Celtic Sunset"
          Chris Stuart & Backcountry "Saints and Strangers"
          Christian Kiefer & Sharron Kraus "The Black Dove"
          Christie Burns & Butch Ross "Here to Play"
          Christy Hodder "Celtic Energy"
          Christy Moore "The Time Has Come"
          Chuck Brodsky "Fingerpainter's Murals"
          Chuck Pyle "True Unity"
          Chudoba "Ju┼╝ si─Ö rozziedniewa"
          Ciaran Dorris & Heather Innes "Waiting for the Calm"
          Cimbaliband "TransBalkan Express"
          Cincinnati Pops Orchestra "Celtic Spectacular"
          Cindy Kalmenson "Witness"
          Cisza Jak Ta "Chwile"
          Cisza Jak Ta "Nasze ┼Üwiaty"
          Cisza Jak Ta "Sen natchniony"
          Cisza Jak Ta "Wuka"
          Cisza Jak Ta "Zielona magia"
          Ciunas "Celtic Tiger"
          Claire Mann "Claire Mann"
          Clairseach "Heman Dubh"
          Clandestine "To Anybody At All"
          Clannad "Christ Church Cathedral"
          Clannad "Clannad"
          Clare J Mee "The thing about clouds ..."
          Classic Chimes "Fairy Tale`s Taboo"
          Claudia Bombardella Ensemble "Paesaggi Lontani - Live"
          Clay Faces "The Clay Faces"
          Claymore "Into The Wind"
          Claymore "Remember 1988-2002)"
          Clumsy Lovers "Under The Covers"
          Cobblestones "Late Breakfast"
          Cochon Bleu "Eau"
          Cochon Bleu "It’s All Coming Good"
          Coco`s Lunch "A Whole New Way of Getting Dressed"
          Coco`s Lunch "Invisible Rhythm"
          Coco`s Lunch "Rat Trap Snap!"
          Colcannon "Corvus"
          Colcannon "Trad."
          Colin Spring "Meet the Sea... or Be Washed Up"
          Colinda "Colinda"
          Common Ground "From the Cobwebs of Our Minds"
          Common Ground "Wings of Silver"
          Compe "─îompe"
          Connemara Stone Company "Back Home"
          Contradanza "Mar De Fondo"
          Cookies N Beans "Tales from a Trailor Trash Soul"
          Copernicus and The Nomadas "Immediate Eternity"
          Corb Lund "Hair in My Eyes Like a Highland Steer"
          Corde Oblique "The Stones of Naples"
          Corinne West "Bound for the Living"
          Cornamusa "Cornamusa"
          Corvus Corax "Gaudia Vite"
          Corvus Corax "Mille Anni Passi Sunt"
          Corvus Corax "Seikilos"
          Cosmic Drone "Cosmic Drone"
          Cotton Cat "Koncert"
          Cotton Green "Nobody Knows"
          Cotton Green "Swalker"
          Counterfeit Gypsies "Appropriate Footwear"
          Cracker Cats "Empty Bottles N` Broken Hearts"
          Cradem Aventure "Aus der Tiefe"
          Craic "Crossroads"
          Craic Wisely "Shame Us"
          Crasdant "Crasdant"
          Crash Test Dummies "The Ghost That Haunt Me"
          Croft No. 5 "Talk Of The Future"
          Croftsmen "Mr. Ginger"
          Crossing "Dochas (Hope)"
          Crossing "Look Both Ways / Rise and Go"
          Crossing "The Court of a King"
          Cruachan "Blood For The Blood God"
          Cruachan "Folk-Lore"
          Cruachan "Pagan"
          Cruachan "Ride On"
          Cruachan "Tuatha na gael"
          Cuerria "Al Bellume la Biesca"
          Culann's Hounds "Culann's Hounds"
          Cumulo Nimbus "Nachtwache"
          Cuppatea "Candles In The Night"
          Cyan "Tal Como Soy"
          Cynthia Bennett "Mother Ireland's Daughters"
          Cyrus Clarke "Calsong"
          Czas na Grass "Time for Grass"
          Czerwie "Padlina"
          Cztery Refy "Bitwy morskie"
          Cztery Refy "Cumy rzu─ç! ┼╗agle staw!"
          Cztery Refy "Folk Tunes, Sea Songs and Shanties"
          Cztery Refy "Niech zabrzmi pie┼Ť┼ä"
          Cztery Refy "Po┼╝egnanie Liverpoolu"
          Cztery Refy "Sea Songs, Shanties and Folk Tunes"
          Cztery Refy "Wszyscy na deck!"